Cheap Auto Insurance from Amica Pays Dividends – Literally!

Cheap Auto Insurance from Amica Pays Dividends – Literally!

Getting your car insurance, or any insurance for that matter, from a mutual insurance company is usually going to work out well for you. After all, mutual insurance companies are owned by their policyholders, so they have an extra incentive to work hard to keep their customers satisfied. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is the oldest mutual auto insurance company in the United States; although many people have never heard of it, Amica has been operating since 1907 and consistently receives major industry awards for best insurance practices and customer service. All of Amica’s insurance products as well as their customer support is founded on their mission to create peace of mind and build enduring relationships with their customers.

Amica offers cheap car insurance

Customers who have their vehicles insured with Amica claim that they offer competitive prices plus a wide array of disc ounts to help you save as much money as possible on your car insurance. After all, any profits made by a mutual insurer must get paid back to the policyholders, and one way to do that is by lowering premiums.

Here are a few of the auto insurance discounts you could get from Amica

  • A multi-policy discount for having a homeowner’s insurance policy in addition to your car insurance with Amica
  • A multi-car discount for insuring two or more cars with Amica
  • A loyalty discount for customers who stay with the company year after year
  • A “tenure” discount for switching to Amica after being with your previous insurer for several years
  • A legacy discount for drivers under 30 who have been included on a family member’s auto policy
  • Discounts for paying your premium upfront and in full, signing up for e-documents, and signing up for automatic monthly payments
  • Discounts for having any one of a number of different anti-theft devices installed in your vehicle
  • A discount for having factory-installed airbags, and an extra discount if your car has side airbags to protect your head and torso
  • Discounts for new drivers and older drivers who take an approved course
  • Good student discounts for keeping your grades up
  • Other discounts depending on your state of residence
  • And at the end of the year, the company’s profits are paid out to its customers in dividends!


Special car insurance coverage at no extra cost

Amica offers several premium level features on their standard car insurance policies. For example, they automatically include new car replacement for a car that you have owned for less than a year, without subtracting depreciation, if it’s totaled. That means you are covered for enough to actually replace your car. They also have zero deductible for lock replacement, glass repair, or replacing deployed airbags.

Joining the Amica tradition of customer-focused auto insurance is easy. You can get the process started with a fast online quote to see how much money you could save by switching to Amica. Just head over to their website and click “Get a Quote”, or call their toll free number to have an insurance agent help you through the process.

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