Cheap Auto Insurance from United India Insurance

Cheap Auto Insurance from United India Insurance


United India Insurance is one of India’s oldest companies for auto insurance. It extensively reaches clients in urban, semi-urban and rural areas of India. The company also offers one of the most diversified product lines with a range of solutions, offering coverage ranging from livestock to satellite dishes. Customers can purchase several different types of insurance from United India Insurance, including: fire insurance, health insurance, motor insurance (auto insurance), marine insurance, industrial insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance and micro insurance. Having insurance doesn’t just give you peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of in case of an accident; it’s also the law of the land.

Anyone who intends to drive in India is required by law to have a car insurance contract. All vehicles driven on Indian roads must have a third-party insurance policy to cover any damages you cause to other people or property. Own-damage policies that cover damages to your own property or injuries to yourself and your passengers are optional, but opting for a comprehensive policy that covers both, you can ensure you are protected in practically any circumstances. It is also more economical to have an all-in-one package than having separate indemnity contracts.

Private car insurance is a form of personal insurance, usually included in the product portfolio of general insurance companies in order to protect the financial interests of motorists with an insurable interest in automobiles used for private (non-commercial) purposes. The specific items covered under your motor insurance will vary depending on the motor insurance company you buy your policy from.

Cheap auto insurance with United India’s comprehensive motor package

The auto insurance package from United India Insurance offers ‘third-party liability only’ coverage (pays only for damages to third parties) as well as comprehensive packages which include “own-damage” coverage. It is always recommended to opt for comprehensive packages if your budget allows, since it is impossible to tell what kind of events can lead to losses. The potential hazards can be varied and the resulting financial fallouts can prove to be expensive, not to mention inconvenient when you no longer have the vehicle you use to drive to work.


Their comprehensive policies take care of the financial needs of the policy holder as well as third-parties in the event of an accident involving the insured vehicle.

The comprehensive auto insurance package from United India Insurance covers:

  • Own-Damage
  • Death
  • Property destruction
  • Personal accident coverage for owner/driver

The compensation the customer receives is related to the specific type and degree of loss.


The comprehensive auto insurance package does not cover:

  • Contractual obligations
  • Damages caused by war or nuclear hazards
  • Damages caused while driving under the influence of liquor or drugs
  • Value lost due to natural usage, wear and tear, devaluation with age, or general depreciation
  • Damages incurred while driving beyond permissible geographic boundaries
  • Usage beyond permissible limits
  • Damages incurred while driving without a valid license

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