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Cheap Car Insurance Online From The Generalthe_general_logo

It seems like all car insurance companies advertise that they have the best rates on cheap car insurance; maybe you even get a good quote online. But then you enter in your driver’s license number and everything changes because of that little fender bender you had two years ago.

Most of us don’t have a perfect driving record; maybe your accident was huge, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe you’ve just gotten a ticket for a moving violation. Maybe your insurance was just fine, but your insurance company dropped you after an accident. Whatever it is, if it happened within the last 3 years, it sets off alarm bells for insurance companies, causing them to jack up your rates. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?


How can you get cheap auto insurance without a perfect driving record?

One company specializes in giving fair auto insurance rates to drivers who don’t have a spotless record. You’ve most likely seen their commercials on television – it’s The General!

The General lets you get a totally anonymous online quote in just a few minutes. And by anonymous, I mean they don’t ask you for your phone number and then call every day for the next month to “follow up” on your quote, like some other companies do.

You can get a cheap car insurance policy from The General even if you’ve gotten moving violation tickets or had an accident in the last three years.


How The General gets you cheap car insurance

The General offers low monthly premiums, great discounts and low down payments with instant proof of insurance. They also make paying your insurance a breeze by letting you choose your due date. And even though they’re not the most famous of insurance companies, they have a 97% satisfaction rate with their customers.

If you’re hesitant about getting cheap car insurance from a daytime TV commercial, you shouldn’t be. The General has been giving quality insurance coverage to drivers since 1963, and they are rated “Excellent” in financial stability by A.M. Best credit rating. Since 2007, they’ve been owned by American Family Life Insurance, but they haven’t waivered in their commitment to get you the lowest rates possible on your car insurance.

For drivers who are really strapped for cash or just want the bare minimum, your free online quote auto matically shows only the minimum coverage required in your state, so you don’t have to worry that you’re paying for more than you need. But if you want to expand that coverage, you can customize your policy to include comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist, rental car coverage, and more.

See what “cheap car insurance” really means

A fast online quote from The General is the best way to see how much you can save on your car insurance, regardless of your accident or driving history. Remember, it’s totally anonymous, so you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out. You could save a bundle!

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