How Farmers Insurance Group Gets You Cheap Auto Insurance

How Farmers Insurance Group Gets You Cheap Auto Insurance


Farmers Insurance Group is a mutual insurance company that’s been operating since 1928 under a single founding principle: to provide the best insurance products and world class service to their customers. Like all mutual insurers, the company is owned by its policy holders, who are also its shareholders. That means that any profits Farmers Insurance makes get returned to its customers in the form of lower premiums and/or stock benefits. So when they say they have an unwavering commitment to their customers, they can back that statement up. Farmers is currently insuring over 10 million households across the country, in all 50 states.

Quality car insurance coverage plus great discounts

Farmers knows that your car insurance needs probably go far beyond “basic”, and that’s why they’re committed to giving you smart discounts that lower your premiums without sacrificing the coverage that you need.

Here are some of the car insurance discounts you can expect from Farmers:

  • Get a bundle discount when you have more than one insurance policy with Farmers; you could get a life insurance policy, a renter’s insurance policy or even insure a motorcycle.
  • Get a multi-car discount when you insure two or more cars under one insurance policy from Farmers.
  • If you have an alternative fuel vehicle, like a hybrid or natural gas car, you might be eligible for a discount, depending on your state.
  • Parents can get a discount when they add a young driver to their policy, age 25 or under. If your child is away at college, there’s a separate discount for that, too. And student drivers may also qualify for a good student discount for maintaining a B average or higher in school.
  • Drivers age 55 and up who have completed a Safe Driver program in the past 3 years can get an extra discount on the basic coverage in their policy.
  • You can get discounts depending on the way you pay for your policy. For example, you can get a discounted rate by paying your policy in full rather than month by month, or get a discount on monthly payments by signing up for electronic funds transfer.

It’s even possible to get a discount just from switching to Farmers from a different insurance company!

215579-f1 Other ways to save money on your car insurance

Aside from discounts, here are some tips Farmers gives customers who want to save more money on their auto insurance premiums:

  • Maintain a clean driving record. Accidents and moving violations can raise your car insurance rates.
  • Drive fewer miles per year. Consider alternative transportation, like carpooling or riding a bike.
  • Choose a car that costs less to insure. Some cars are known to be better at resisting damage, preventing injury, or less likely to be stolen, all of which can add up to lower car insurance rates.
  • Ask an agent if there are any additional discounts available in your state.
  • Increase your deductible. You’ll have to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident, but your monthly rate may be lower.

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