“New Fashioned” Cheap Car Insurance from Marks & Spencer

“New Fashioned” Cheap Car Insurance from Marks & Spencer


The brand Marks & Spencer as it exists today has only been around since 2012, but it was built on the foundations of a company that has a 30 year track record of providing great insurance products along with quality customer service. M&S Bank took advantage of their rebranding to come up with an entirely new way to approach their insurance and other financial products; they call it “New Fashioned Banking. We call it a great way for you to get cheap auto insurance.

Several M&S Insurance products have received 5 star ratings from the independent Defaqto organization, including their Premier Car cover, and are consistently a recommended insurer on Which?.

Cheap auto insurance with great cover and special cardholder discounts

When you bank with M&S Bank and hold a credit card with them, you’re entitled to exclusive discounts on your car insurance and other insurance products. For instance, when you are a Marks and Spencer Cardholder, you can 20% when you need a new car insurance policy or even when it’s time to renew your existing policy.

As a cardholder, you’ll also get 1,000 M&S points when you take out a new car insurance policy, which are then converted to vouchers for you to spend or save for later, whichever you prefer.

And of course, for every policy year you go without an accident or a claim, you’ll get a nice No Claims Bonus when you renew your policy.


Two levels of cover so you get what you need, and don’t pay for what you don’t

M&S Insurance offers both standard and premier cover on their auto insurance policies. With premier, you get useful extras worth £390, including breakdown cover in the European Union and UK, and a guaranteed replacement car for up to 4 weeks.

If you don’t need all these benefits, you can keep the cost of your car insurance down by choosing standard cover, which has the option for you to add some of the benefits included with premier a la carte.

Even standard cover from M&S Insurance is better than you would expect; it automatically comes with personal accident cover and cover for damage to your own vehicle, in addition to third parties. Most basic cover from other insurance companies only covers third parties.

Standard cover also automatically covers you driving anywhere in the EU for up to 90 days. It even comes with uninsured driver protection, which is usually a costly extra cover!

Save money during the claims process

Your claims experience becomes very important the moment you’re involved in an accident, and that’s where M&S Insurance really has you covered. Although your premium may be slightly higher than if you have third party only cover from another company, imagine the costs of your personal medical bills and the damage to your own vehicle after an accident. It might be worth a few extra pounds per month to get £10,000 in personal accident cover plus money to cover the value of your vehicle if it’s totally destroyed or stolen.

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