Save Money on Car Insurance with Discounts from Progressive

Save Money on Car Insurance with Discounts from Progressive


Progressive might just be the only car insurance company out there that allows you to comparison shop so that you really get the lowest rate possible – even if the lowest rate isn’t from Progressive. But

it’s likely that they will be the lowest because of all the discounts they offer, many of which are built in to your quote. They were the first insurance company to offer discounted rates for low risk drivers, and are always looking for ways to help you save money. Progressive has some of the most innovative tools available to get cheap car insurance, like their “Name Your Price” tool and “Snapshot”.

Progressive’s programs for cheap car insurance

Aside from side by side comparison of rates from different insurance companies, Progressive has a couple of unique tools to save you even more money. First is the “Name Your Price” tool, where you enter a rate that fits your budget and Progressive will give you different coverage options to try to get you that price. It basically tailors your car insurance to your budget and coverage needs, so you don’t pay any more than you should. The second tool is called “Snapshot”, which is a little device you plug into your car’s data port for 30 days. It records information such as number of miles driven per day, the time of day you drive, and how often you slam on the brakes (no GPS information, don’t worry) to determine if you are a low risk driver or not. If you are, you get an extra discount on your car insurance! Which makes sense, really; someone who only drives 10 miles a day shouldn’t pay the same rate as a driver with a 50 mile daily commute.

Other ways to save on auto insurance with Progressive

Progressive offers tons of built in discounts as well as discounts for bundling your auto insurance with another policy, like homeowners insurance or even another auto policy. You can get a discount on your car insurance by being a homeowner, being continuously covered, getting an online quote, signing documents electronically, and even for getting good grades in school. Besides that, Progressive offers a fantastic customer and claims service in case you ever have an accident, including guaranteeing all repairs done on your car at any repair shop in their network for as long as you own your car. With a combination of quality coverage, friendly service, low base rates and tons of discount opportunities, Progressive is a great value overall.

Getting a quote from Progressive is fast, easy and free! Start the process online at their website to take advantage of the online quote discount, or if you would prefer to talk to a real person, call their 800 number. Remember, getting a quote from Progressive also gives you quotes from other competing insurance companies, so you’ll at least get some valuable information, even if you don’t sign up with Progressive.

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