Save Money on Car Insurance with Liberty Mutual

Save Money on Car Insurance with Liberty Mutual

LibertyCustomers come first with Liberty Mutual – as a mutual insurance company, it is literally owned by its policy holders! That means Liberty Mutual is accountable to you, and nobody else. They are dedicated to offering each and every customer safety, security and peace of mind, all at an affordable rate.

Auto insurance discounts from Liberty Mutual = cheap car insurance

Liberty Mutual offers tons of discounts to help their customers save money on top of their already fair rates. What’s more, because it’s a mutual insurance company, any profits earned by the company are paid back to its customers in dividends or in reduced premiums. Talk about a good deal on auto insurance!

Here are just a few of Liberty Mutual’s discounts on car insurance:

  • New customer discount
  • Discounts for safety features on your vehicle, like anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, collision preparation systems and adaptive cruise control
  • Discounts for hybrid vehicles
  • Multi-car discount for insuring more than one car on the same policy
  • Multi-policy discount for insuring your automobile in addition to another Liberty Mutual policy, such as homeowner’s insurance or life insurance
  • Exclusive discounts for being a member of Liberty Mutual’s affinity program, which includes over 14,000 employers, credit unions, alumni associations and other groups
  • Good student discounts for students under 25 who maintain a high GPA in school
  • Newlywed discount for customers who recently got married
  • “Just moved” discount which gives you savings on your car insurance when you change your address

And there’s more where that came from!


More savings programs from Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has several other programs that can really save you money in case of an accident. Some of them are automatically included in your policy, and others can be signed up for at no extra cost. Here are some of them:

“New Car Replacement” program – most insurance companies will only pay you the depreciated value of your new car if it’s totaled in an accident. With New Car Replacement, which is standard on all Liberty Mutual policies, you’ll receive enough money to replace your new car.

“Better Car Replacement” program – if you add this coverage to your insurance policy, you’ll have the extra peace of mind knowing that your car will be replaced with an even better one if it’s totaled in an accident. What does “better” mean? A car that’s a whole model year newer and has 15,000 fewer miles on it.

A special “Deductible Fund” that puts $100 towards your deductible for every year you have this coverage added to your car insurance policy. Your deductible could even be reduced to $0, and the reduced deductible applies to all vehicles insured on your Liberty Mutual policy.

Special insurance coverage for teachers at no additional cost, covering vandalism on school property or damage to teaching items in your vehicle

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