Sneaky Tricks to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Sneaky Tricks to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Everyone who drives a car needs at least basic auto insurance to protect them from liability if they injure another driver or cause property damage to a third party. Many drivers also add comprehensive coverage to their car insurance policy to cover damage to their own vehicles as well as medical expenses if they are hurt in an automobile accident. There are also additional coverage options for rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, coverage for personal belongings in your vehicle… The cost of all these coverage options can add up fast, which is why you need some creative tricks up your sleeve to get cheap car insurance without giving up the coverage you need.

4 sneaky (but legal) tricks to get cheap car insurance

1) Comparison shop for cheap car insurance the right way

Not every car insurance comparison site searches every car insurance company, so to make sure you get the best deal possible, you need to use multiple comparison sites. You might be surprised at the discounts that are offered by some car insurance companies, but not others. For example, a handful of car insurers will cut your rate by nearly 50% if you drive fewer than 25 miles each day. But finding those companies requires a little investigation on comparison websites.

2) Apply as a new auto insurance customer

A leading insurance watchdog found that almost half of major insurance companies engage in “price optimization” with their existing customers – which means they jack up your rates for no good reason. They do this knowing that you’re not likely to shop around every year for a good car insurance rate because it’s not convenient. One way to beat them at their own game is, instead of renewing your policy with your current auto insurance company, apply as a new customer. You might be able to take advantage of new customer discounts that wouldn’t be available if you just renewed, plus you’ll avoid that “price optimization” nonsense.

3) Consider your job title carefully

Insurance companies use actuary tables to calculate how risky drivers are based on a variety of factors, and some of them consider your occupation. The exact words you use to describe your occupation can make a difference of as much as $20 per month! For example, one British insurance company will charge £19.50 more for a driver who describes their occupation as “journalist” than for those who say “copy writer”, and £23.20 more for an “artist” than for a “painter”.


4) Add a driver to your auto insurance policy

Even if they rarely drive the car, adding a second driver to your auto insurance policy can reduce your rate significantly. This is especially true if the primary driver is under 25 or has a negative mark on their driving record. It is also helpful to add your spouse or domestic partner to your policy; as far as insurance companies are concerned, drivers in stable relationships are more likely to drive responsibly and can therefore benefit from lower car insurance premiums.

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